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Med-Net Academy – Healthcare Compliance Education

Med-Net Academy provides all the educational material produced by Vice President, Professional Development, Betty Frandsen and her staff. Included are e-learning courses on fraud, waste and abuse, NAB approved courses for continuing education, some condensed required Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) policies and procedures and monthly audit tools. All educational material is password protected for our clients’ use.  If you are not a client click HERE to learn how you can become one and avail yourself and your staff to everything Med-Net Academy offers.

E-Learning Courses

Med-Net Academy Healthcare Compliance Training

Med-Net Compliance offers our clients’ employees the opportunity to expand their healthcare compliance education on rules and regulations.

NAB/NCERS Credit Courses

Med-Net Compliance offers a NAB/NCERS credit certificate program that provides education on fraud, waste, and abuse prevention. Eligibility for credits may vary by state.

Condensed CMS Policies

Condensed CMS Policies and Procedures

Med-Net Compliance offers abridged programs on subjects required by CMS for healthcare providers receiving  revenue from Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Audit Tools

Healthcare Compliance Audit Tools

Med-Net Compliance provides monthly audit tools addressing potential risks that a facility may face and their corrective measures.