Healthcare Compliance Professionals

The Med-Net Compliance team of healthcare compliance professionals includes analysts,  specialists, educators as well as a  researcher and a  writer/editor. Combined, they provide over 700 years of healthcare compliance experience as licensed nursing home administrators, directors of nursing, registered nurses, licensed social workers, a skilled nursing facility dietitian, accredited therapy consultants, former state surveyors, healthcare association executives and a healthcare attorney.

Healthcare compliance professionals shaking hands

Healthcare Compliance Analysts

Med-Net Compliance Analysts are healthcare professionals who have spent their working years in the long-term care field. They have experience as administrators, directors of nursing and registered nurses in skilled nursing facilities where they gained extensive experience in all aspects of administering and caring for patients/residents. Now as Med-Net analysts they provide leadership, understanding of all governmental rules and regulations and the development of continuous educational material.

Healthcare Compliance Specialists

Our Healthcare Compliance Specialists are the professionals who maintain contact with assigned clients’ Compliance Officers and committees.  During monthly video conference calls audit topics and tools are reviewed, open fraud, waste and abuse compliance questions are answered, and the status of pending compliance actions are reviewed.  Med-Net Healthcare Compliance Specialists act as facilitators to ensure the Compliance Officer and committee members are properly navigating the federal and state rules and regulations covering fraud, waste and abuse incidents within the facility and with its employees. Compliance Officers are encouraged to contact their healthcare compliance specialist to discuss any compliance issues or to answer any compliance questions that arise in between monthly scheduled compliance committee meetings.

Healthcare Compliance Educators  

Med-Net Healthcare Educators are responsible for delivering the initial as well as our continuous healthcare compliance fraud, waste and abuse education to all staff at client facilities. Education classes on site or via video teleconference are pre-scheduled by client relations coordinators. Topics covered are those integral in assuring clients’ staff understand what constitutes fraud, waste and abuse and their responsibilities when encountering it.

Healthcare Compliance Coordinators

Med-Net Compliance’s client relations department handles the scheduling for all on-site and off-site(interactive video) staff training sessions; it arranges and schedules monthly client compliance committee meetings, prepares agendas with the chairperson of the compliance committee, takes meeting minutes and distributes them; department personnel handles calls, faxes and emails from clients throughout the United States; it coordinates Rapid Response Calls and their follow-up;In-addition client relation coordinators handle the on-boarding procedures for all new clients.